Co-op Canadian Open Teams

The fourth Grand Slam of Curling event of the 2023-24 season features 16 of the top men’s teams and 16 of the top women’s teams from around the world.

Both divisions feature 15 teams that received invitations based on the WCF’s world team rankings, as of Dec. 18, 2023, plus the winners of our HearingLife Tour Challenge Tier 2 event.

Each team will play four games during the round-robin stage: three against opponents within their pool plus one crossover game based on seedings. Pool A teams face Pool D teams and Pool B teams face Pool C teams.

For example, No. 1 Retornaz will play three games against the other Pool A teams plus a crossover game against No. 13 Craik, No. 8 Dunstone will play three games against the other Pool A teams plus a crossover game against No. 12 Dropkin, etc.

The top eight teams overall in both divisions advance to the quarterfinals. If necessary, one tiebreaker round will be played to determine the final playoff berths.

Men’s Division
Pool APool D
1. Retornaz13. Craik
8. Dunstone12. Dropkin
9. Koe5. Edin
16. Casper4. Mouat
Pool BPool C
2. Bottcher14. McEwen
7. Whyte11. Carruthers
10. Ramsfjell6. Gushue
15. Brunner3. Schwaller
Women’s Division
Pool APool D
1. Tirinzoni13. Morrison
8. Fujisawa12. Peterson
9. Sturmay*5. Jones
16. Campbell4. Einarson
Pool BPool C
2. Homan14. Cameron
7. Wrana11. Lawes
10. Kim6. Hasselborg
15. Strouse3. Gim

* UPDATE (Jan. 14): Team Constantini, the No. 9 seed, withdrew from the event due to medical reasons. Finding out a few days before the start of the event, the Grand Slam of Curling decided to invite the highest-ranked team in Alberta at the Dec. 18 deadline. Team Sturmay was invited in place of Team Constantini. The Grand Slam of Curling will not be changing the draw schedule based on the timelines.