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24 teams in 24 days: All profiles

We’re profiling all 24 teams, one per day, to get ready for the return of the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling leading up to the start of the Humpty’s Champions Cup.

In case you missed any of them, click the team’s name below to get all caught up. Remember: this is a popularity contest and we are keeping track of which teams receive the most page views! (Only kidding, we already know which teams are the most popular.)

The Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling returns with the Humpty’s Champions Cup, April 14-18, followed by the Princess Auto Players’ Championship, April 20-25. Both events will be played at Calgary’s WinSport Arena and closed to the general public. Watch live coverage on Sportsnet, stay tuned for the broadcast schedule.

Day 23: Team Jacobs

Day 22: Team Einarson

Day 21: Team Epping

Day 20: Team Fleury

Day 19: Team Gushue

Day 18: Team Fujisawa

Day 17: Team Bottcher

Day 16: Team Jones

Day 15: Team Mouat

Day 14: Team Stern

Day 13: Team Schwaller

Day 12: Team Tirinzoni

Day 11: Team McEwen

Day 10: Team Homan

Day 9: Team Edin

Day 8: Team Muirhead

Day 7: Team De Cruz

Day 6: Team Peterson

Day 5: Team Koe

Day 4: Team Kim

Day 3: Team Dunstone

Day 2: Team Kovaleva

Day 1: Team Gunnlaugson