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Familiar faces in new places

Some notable lineup changes since we last left our heroes in the spring.

Every new season brings some new-look rosters and this year is no different. Here’s a look at what has changed among the top-tier teams since the end of last season.

Let’s start with the men’s division. We already saw Brad Jacobs filling in at third on Team Carruthers at a few of our events late last season, but the Winnipeg club has now made him an official member of the squad.

Team Koe second Brad Thiessen hung up his curling shoes and went out on a high note winning the Princess Auto Players’ Championship. Jacques Gauthier has now come on board, joining his cousin, third Tyler Tardi.

Over in the women’s division, four-time reigning world champions Team Tirinzoni made a front-end switch bringing in Selina Witschonke, who previously played with Team Keiser, at second. Carole Howald has moved over to lead as the team parted ways with Briar Schwaller-Huerlimann.

Team Jones has gone from a five-player rotation to a four-player lineup as Mackenzie Zacharias decided to step back from competitive curling for the season.

It’s not a player change but Team Homan announced Rachel Homan will return to handling skipping duties with Tracy Fleury continuing at third as vice skip.

Last but not least, say hello to the all-new Team Cameron featuring skip Kate Cameron, third Meghan Walter, second Taylor McDonald and lead Mackenzie Elias. Cameron returns to her skip roots after nine seasons at third. She has played with McDonald for the past five years, most recently with Team Scheidegger. Meanwhile, Walter and Elias make the move over from Team Ackland. This might not be the first time you’ve seen the foursome play together in a Grand Slam of Curling event as Walter and Elias filled in for Casey Scheidegger and Jessie Haughian on Team Scheidegger during last year’s WFG Masters in Oakville.