Princess Auto Players’ Championship Format and Qualification

The 2022 Princess Auto Players’ Championship features 16 of the top men’s teams and 16 of the top women’s teams from the World Curling Federation’s world curling team rankings.

Triple Knockout

A triple knockout format is used for the preliminary round.

The triple knockout consists of three brackets: A, B and C. Teams must win three games in order to qualify for the playoffs. Each loss drops a team to a lower bracket until they lose three games and are out of the tournament.

Two A teams (3-0 records), three B teams (3-1 records) and three C teams (3-2 records) advance to the quarterfinals. 

No Tick Zone

The no tick, free guard zone will be implemented during the entire game.

In combination with the five-rock rule, teams cannot tick guards off of the centre line until five rocks have been played in each end.

Following an infraction of the rule, the non-offending team may decide to leave the situation as is.